A Latina “Medea” featured by UNITED SOLO

One performer, nine characters, a classic upside down.
“Medea’s Got Some Issues”, a Latina “Medea” featured by UNITED SOLO
Theater ROW: Friday, October 12th, 2012 at 7:30pm
The tragedy of “Medea” reinvented as a laugh-out-laugh farce? The English version of this comedic hit is back in Off Broadway featured by UNITEDSOLO, the world’s largest solo theatre festival.

“Medea’s Got Some Issues” is the mischievous brainchild of Spanish award winning playwright Emilio Williams. Williams recently moved to Chicago where he premiered this summer, too much critical acclaim, his play “Smartphones, a pocket-size farce". The one woman show stars Ana Asensio, an actress from Spain who lives and works in New York City performs nine characters in this classic upside down.

More than 2,400 years after the premiere of the myth, “Medea’s Got Some Issues” presents, without inhibitions, the mitigating and sordid factors surrounding Medea’s infamous case: from the sexual haste of her husband, Jason, to the misogynistic and xenophobic environment of classical Corinth. The play is both a madcap parody and a tribute to Euripides’ classic tragedy.
“Medea’s Got Some Issues” a parody of the classic tragedy from the perspective of an unemployable Latina Diva by Emilio Williams, starring Ana Asensio, will play Theater ROW for one night only, October 12th, at 7:30pm.

About Ana Asensio, Actress and Producer:
Ana Asensio is an actress and director who currently divides her time between her native Madrid and New York City.
Asensio’s film acting credits include: "The Afterlight," co-directed by Craig Macneill and Alexei Kaleina; "The Archive," by Oscar winning director Ethan Spiglan; "Zenith," by Vladan Nikolic; and, the HBO short film, "Betty La Flaca," by Hugo Perez.
Asensio’s most significant theatrical role to date has been in the one-woman play, “La Diva,” by award winning playwright, Jeronimo Lopez Mozo, that she translated to English, adapted and directed.  “La Diva” has been performed in Europe, Africa and North America. 
Currently, Asensio is developing her first feature film as a writer/director that will be shot in NYC.

About Emilio Williams, Playwright:
He is widely regarded in Spain as one of the most promising new voices of the stage.
In 2010, his alternative hit comedy “Tables and Beds” was selected among 80 plays from 12 countries as the winner of the IV Premio El Espectaculo Teatral.
This year his comedy, “Smartphones- a Pocket Size Farce” received its world premiere at Trap Door Theater in Chicago, the city where he currently resides.
His next world premiere “Your Problem with Men” is currently under-development at Teatro Luna, the all Latina theater assemble from Chicago.

About United Solo:
2012 United Solo, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, presents one hundred solo productions.
All shows are staged at Theatre ROW: 410 West 42nd Street, New York City.
TICKETS, with a price of $18, are available at the Theatre ROW Box Office and online through Telecharge at www.telecharge.com. You may also call Telecharge at 212-239-6200. When placing your reservation, please provide: the FESTIVAL name (United Solo Theatre Festival), the name of the THEATRE (Theatre ROW – The Studio Theatre), and the specific DAY and TIME of the SHOW you would like to see it.

Published at Broadway World: " MEDEA'S GOT SOME ISSUES Set for United Solo Festival, 10/12": http://offbroadway.broadwayworld.com/article/MEDEAS-GOT-SOME-ISSUES-Set-for-United-Solo-Festival-1012-20120924#sthash.kfJ0irRj.dpuf ee.

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