Luba Lukova's Posters: Colorful and Controversial.

I stopped by La MaMa Galleria to see Luba Lukova’s Graphic Cuts exhibition and get deeply moved for the images she presented. The posters are colorful and simple, but the issues are strong and controversial.

She was there and I didn’t miss the opportunity to talk to her and what she had to say was so interesting I decided to record it with my phone and share it with you.

We talked about Art, Social Movement, Social Media, Theater and Ellen Stewart, La MaMa’s founder.

Luba Lukova was the first artist I interview for La MaMa when I arrived in New York last February, and I was touched by her social activists and we share the believed that ART CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.  

Internationally recognized, New York based Luba Lukova has held solo exhibitions at UNESCO in Paris, DDD Gallery in Osaka, La MaMa Gallery in New York, and The Art Institute of Boston. Her work is represented in the permanent collections of New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Library of Congress, the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, and the World Bank. She is the author of the critically acclaimed Social Justice poster portfolio containing visual reactions to many of the pressing issues of our time. Lukova's new book, Graphic Guts (Clay & Gold), featuring her social commentary art will be published later this year.

After that day I’ve followed her job through Facebook, an open window to her powerful work that exhibits all around the EEUU. Her newest work, “Gender Inequality” triptych are a punch!! Revealing, unrelenting and with a cruel sense of humor http://altpick.com/calendar/2026

* The interview was made last February 24th 2012, before Obama Re-election, before European Crisis get deeper before…before…before...

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