Laura Madera speaks with NY Theatre.com about "39 Defaults".

Now is me the one answering Questions to NY Theatre.com!!

Q: What is your job on this show?
A: Producer & Marketing Manager

Q: What type of theater do you like most to work on?
A: I need to believe in everything I do and this play is full of passion. Everybody involved really love the text and concept of the play. I believe in theater as a form to change society. "39 Defaults" speaks about politics, social rights, human relations, intimacy, trusted and ideals. Important issues to keep in mind.

Q: Why do you do theater (as opposed to film, or TV, or something not in the entertainment field)?
A: The theater has the face to face magic. You never see the same play twice, and each time you find different details. I love to feel the action next to me. At "39 Defaults" doesn’t exist border between audiences and actors and it’s an amazing experience!

Q: How did you meet your fellow artists/collaborators on this show?
A: Fifth Wall is a really small company growth organically. I mean, the play itself requested what it needed. Each member is a friend of a friend that gives what better can do. I’ve worked almost 10 years in marketing and determinate the image and strategy of this play.

Q: Which “S” word best describes your show: SMOOTH, SEXY, SMART, SURPRISING?
A: I would say something between SEXY and SURPRISING. I think the two main characters are charismatic characters I would like to meet further. And surprising because one of the caracters has an unexpected change. 

Q: Theater is a necessary ingredient in democratic societies. Do you agree or disagree, and why?
A: Theater is a free and fast form to express society. "39 Defaults" was written on Occupy Wall Street background and the first workshop was 3 months after that.

Publised at NY Theatre.com, November 11th

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